Business Climate

Committed to business success

The City of Spokane Valley is working to ensure it remains business friendly and continues to offer the solutions businesses need. Low taxes, robust infrastructure, workforce training and development – no matter the project or the industry, Spokane Valley has the tools to make it a success.

Spokane Valley offers:

  • No local Business and Occupation (B&O) tax or corporate income tax
  • Low worker’s compensation insurance rates.
  • A highly-skilled workforce, including a continual stream of graduates from nearby universities and technical programs who seek entry-level jobs in the area.
  • A robust transportation infrastructure, including options for transporting products by rail, air and/or a major interstate.
  • A streamlined permitting process that caters to the needs of industry.

In addition, the city is home to a suite of incentive programs for a wide range of industries and project types.

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In addition to ensuring resources are available to understand local taxes, Spokane Valley has worked to ensure it maintains low tax costs.


Not only is Spokane County home to a sizeable labor market, but Spokane Valley also offers a variety of training and recruitment programs to benefit businesses.


Spokane Valley and the State of Washington offer a wide array of incentive programs, loans, grants and tax exemptions to serve businesses.


A variety of details are available on Spokane Valley, including labor force, demographics, consumer spending, wages and housing information.


Spokane Valley is well-connected to move products across the U.S. and internationally via rail, highway and air.


Spokane Valley has developed a streamlined permitting process to efficiently meet the needs of local business owners and citizens.