Key Industries


Spokane Valley has worked to create a business environment where success is inevitable. Its highly skilled workforce, transportation logistics and low costs come together for an ideal location for a variety of industries.

Employee working on airplane engine part.


From low taxes and specialized incentive programs to a skilled workforce, Spokane Valley is an ideal location for the aerospace industry.

Orchard with trees in rows


Spokane Valley is rich with diverse agriculture businesses—from food processing to wineries— thanks to our varied farming and commodities producers.

Truck and front loader

Distribution & Logistics

Home to a robust infrastructure and equipped with specialized incentives, Spokane Valley makes for an ideal business location.

Healthcare workers in hospital.

Health and Life Sciences

The Spokane Valley area is a mission-critical hub where healthcare, health IT, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices all intersect.

Man at machine

Information Technology and Energy

Among the safest areas for resilience in natural disasters, our region is ideal for mission-critical businesses. And with our world-class engineering programs, we are leading in power innovations.

Works standing in a large wood manufacturing facility.


With quality transportation logistics and low costs, manufacturers are poised for success in Spokane Valley.

Young woman looking at papers.

Professional Services

Low business costs, an available workforce and an enticing quality of life for potential new employees.