Available Retail Space

New and established businesses will find a variety of retail space available in Spokane Valley. The city is pleased to provide lists of properties for lease or sale below. Additional property search tools from the Spokane Valley site selector are also available.


Retail Properties for Lease*

Building AddressProperty TypeSmallest Available Space Total Available Space (SF) 
11805 E 1st AveGeneral Retail1,0001,000
101 N Argonne RdGeneral Retail (Strip Center)975975
1441-1445 N Argonne RdGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)15,00015,000
2026 N Argonne RdGeneral Retail3,0103,010
1519 N Barker RdGeneral Retail2,7286,629
1612 N Barker RdGeneral Retail2,5382,538
11205 E Dishman Mica RdGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)20,00020,000
606 N Evergreen RdGeneral Retail2,00012,000
13806 E Indiana AveGeneral Retail (Community Center)56,25256,252
12111-12121 E Mission AveOffice1,5009,700
9211 E Montgomery AveGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)1,30031,436
9331 E Montgomery AveGeneral Retail3,6003,600
1300-1312 N Mullan RdGeneral Retail (Strip Center)1,3252,789
15400-15402 E SpragueGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)1,0001,000
4902 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail1,7503,523
9827 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail1,2544,554
12611-12613 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)2,9202,920
13004 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail1,4005,740
13510-13516 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail2,0004,740
14102 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)8,4508,450
15312-15426 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail (Neighborhood Center)13,32713,327
15701 E Sprague AveGeneral Retail (Strip Center)1,2524,007
17018 E Sprague AveIndustrial1,2502,500
509 N Sullivan RdGeneral Retail (Strip Center)1,4071,407
615 N Sullivan RdGeneral Retail (Strip Center)2,4002,400
325 S Sullivan RdGeneral Retail (Strip Center)1,5221,522
15735 E Broadway AveGeneral Retail (Power Center)2,5602,560
16301 E Broadway AveGeneral Retail (Power Center)24,10024,100

Retail Properties for Sale*

Building AddressProperty Type Smallest Available Space  Total Available Space (SF) 
7210 E Sprague AveRetail5,2005,200
1519 N Barker RdRetail2,7286,629
7501 E Sprague AveRetail5,1335,133
15701 E Sprague AveRetail1,2524,007
12620 E Indiana AveRetail– – 
621 S Pines RdRetail– – 
13524 E Sprague AveRetail– – 
13414 E Sprague AveRetail– – 

*Data source: Costar | Updated: August 27, 2019

Destination Retail

Spokane Valley is a destination for retail shopping. The Valley has regional draws like the Spokane Valley Mall and Auto Row, as well as smaller local gems. Spokane Valley enjoys high retail sales per capita and trade capture rates across many retail sectors. With property available along highly traveled corridors and lease rates well below those found in downtown Spokane, Spokane Valley is full of opportunities for retail development at any scale.

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