Spokane Valley Success Story

Katerra’s cross-laminated timber manufacturing facility

Katerraan innovative company that produces mass timber products, is completing construction of a 250,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Centennial Business Park (northeast industrial area) in Spokane Valley in 2019.

The facility occupies 29 acres of a 52-acre industrial site with easy access to transportation corridors via rail and Interstate 90. Construction of the factory generated more than 150 jobs in the valley. Production at the facility is slated to begin in mid 2019.

The products manufactured will include cross-laminated timber and Glulam. Mass timber is considered an emerging new wood product in the United States. Through an end-to-end construction services model, Katerra plans to supply much of the CLT to projects where it will also serve as both architect and contractor. Learn more about the Katerra factory.

Two projects in Spokane Valley current using Katerra materials are Pine Valley Ranch Phase 2 and River House apartment communities. In addition, the company will supply CLT to the construction of the Catalyst Building in Spokane and a new Hospitality Center – a collaborative project between Kootenai Health, Ronald McDonald House and the Community Cancer Fund – in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

In its new release, the company stated: “Katerra’s manufacturing  presence in the region will provide hundreds of jobs, while also stimulating the growth of thousands of additional jobs through the larger supply chain and associated industries, including design, engineering and construction.”

In January 2018, Katerra announced that it had raised $865 million in a Series D funding round to continue its manufacturing expansion and further investments into research and development.

Empty field where Katerra begins construction

February 2018

Early stages of building under construction

April 2018

Sky photo of building under construction

July 2018


Inside of building shell

July 2018

Updated aerial view

October 2018

Large loading area off of main building

October 2018

February 2019

Workers looking at equipment in plant

February 2019


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