Information Technology and Energy

Spokane Valley’s advanced tech and energy workforce delivers innovations 

The Spokane Valley region is home to multiple Tier 1, 2, and 3 telecom service providers, assuring the availability of diverse and redundant networks. Ranked among the safest geographies in the country for its resilience against natural disasters, our region is an ideal location for businesses that require critical infrastructure support, including data storage, manufacturing, and disaster recovery.

Tech and green business is a major employer in the area, accounting for 26% of non-farm employment and 431 tech businesses and 20 environmental services firms.

Information technology sectors in Spokane Valley include:

  • Metering and communications
  • Energy and utility management
  • Energy and hydrogen fuel cell storage
  • Solar solutions
  • Smart building construction

Some companies in these industries may qualify for tax incentives offered by Washington State. These incentives include deferrals, reduced B&O rates, exemptions, and credits.

Semi Conductor Industry

Reduced B&O tax rate for manufacturers of semiconductor materials
Sales/Use tax exemption for purchases of semiconductor gases & chemicals

Renewable Energy/Green Incentives