Byproduct Recycling

Big ideas in manufacturing materials can come to life in Spokane Valley 

Spokane Valley lives at the intersection of green tech innovation and manufacturing making our city the perfect location for developing new ways to reuse the byproducts of production.

Waste is an inevitable fact of the manufacturing process. But with innovations developed here in Washington State, the byproducts of manufacturing of aerospace parts, fiberglass turbines, and steel products can be recycled and repurposed into new products.

Many of the largest manufacturers in the world are setting the stage:

  • Boeing, one of the largest manufacturers in our region, joined forces with UK-based ELG and developed a proprietary method to recycle waste cured composites, a byproduct of airplane manufacturing, so this material will not end up in a landfill.
  • Global Fiberglass Solutions, a Washington-based company, takes decommissioned wind turbines and turns them into materials that can be used in the manufacturing of products such as boards, furniture, and packaging.
  • Vestas, based in the Northwest and one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world, was the first to announce plans to eliminate non-recyclable waste from the manufacturing, operation, and decommissioning of its wind turbines by 2040.

This trend of finding new uses for manufacturing byproducts keeps waste materials out of landfills and creates new revenue streams—indeed, whole new industries—for the manufacturing sector.

Local recycling companies

Spokane Valley is a base for recycling in the area. Local companies include Thermo Fluids Inc., Recycle Techs, Clark’s Recycling, Universal Recycling, Torre Refuse and Recycling and Baker Commodities Inc. In the region, look to Earthworks Recycling and Action Recycling.