Business Climate

Spokane Valley is a growing city in eastern Washington where businesses and their employees experience a quality of life that makes them want to stay. From its early days of agricultural production to now hosting several major manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries, the city is a significant part of the growing Spokane metro area. If you are considering launching or expanding a business, Spokane Valley offers access to skilled labor, a major interstate and two Class-1 railroads, reduced traffic, low taxes, streamlined permitting, and many other incentives.

Spokane Valley - Local View


The city's I-90 corridor offers multiple benefits - ease of access to commuters, multiple transportation systems, and nearby manufacturing, retail and health services.


Not only is Spokane County home to a sizable labor market, but the city is centrally located among several universities that offer advanced degrees and continuing education programs that benefit businesses.

Available Properties

Industrial and office parks are located throughout Spokane Valley offering a mix of move-in and development-ready sites to suit any business.

Spokane Valley - National View

By the Numbers

  • Population: 105,473
  • Labor force: 55,259
  • Median age: 37
  • Average commute time: 20 minutes
  • Public parks and open space: 254 acres
  • Spokane County Median Home Sale (February 2023): $375,000
  • Manufacturing and distribution businesses: 1,208
  • Licensed businesses in the city: 11,400
  • Undeveloped industrial land: 563 acres


Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Not too many cities have a river flowing through it. There's lots of access and you can be on the river in minutes, and not even realize that you are within an actual city.

Sean Visintainer, Owner, Silver Bow Fly Shop

Read more about outdoor creation opportunities.

Spokane Valley, WA

From low taxes and utility rates to a robust infrastructure, Spokane Valley provides a friendly business climate. At the same time, its family-friendly community offers no shortage of amenities and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Spokane Valley Business Climate

Spokane Valley is home to a business-friendly environment including no local Business and Occupation (B&O) tax or corporate income tax, and low worker's compensation insurance rates. Its workforce is highly skilled and the city is centrally located among several higher education programs, which ensures there is a pipeline of future talent.

The city is well connected through a robust transportation infrastructure and has streamlined its permitting processes to fit the needs of industry and keep expenses low. In addition, incentive programs are available for various industries and project types.

Committed to Business Success

The City of Spokane Valley is working to ensure it remains business-friendly and continues to offer the solutions businesses need. Low taxes, robust infrastructure, workforce training and development - no matter the project or the industry, Spokane Valley has the tools to make it a success.

Our Business Climate: Hear why our businesses think Spokane Valley is a great place to work, live and play.

Spokane Valley offers:

  • No local Business and Occupation (B&O) tax or corporate income tax
  • Low worker's compensation insurance rates.
  • A highly-skilled workforce, including a continual stream of graduates from nearby universities and technical programs who seek entry-level jobs in the area.
  • A robust transportation infrastructure, including options for transporting products by rail, air and/or a major interstate.
  • A streamlined permitting process that caters to the needs of industry.

In addition, the city is home to a suite of incentive programs for a wide range of industries and project types.

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